E-Bus z napędem elektrycznym, dzięki nowoczesnej technologii i niewielkim gabarytom, znakomicie sprawdzi się jako autobus szkolny oraz miejski lub podmiejski środek transportu.

To unikalny polski MINI autobus niskoemisyjny, w którym zastosowano poniższe rozwiązania:

  • we used an innovative solution in mounting the battery under the floor
  • thanks to lowering the center of gravity, we achieved excellent stability of the driving track


  • a completely Polish project, arising over care of the purity of air and noise reduction to the surroundings,
  • designed and constructed from the beginning as electrical buses,
  • equipped with innovative engines in modern PMSM technology (synchronous motor with permanent magnets), guaranteeing reliability and excellent performance,
  • made in approx. 60% of Polish components.


  • economy – obtained thanks to the effective use of electric power supply and developing an advanced energy recovery system.


  • they are low-floor along the entire length, despite placing the battery under the floor,
  • they have a ramp, adjustable suspension height and a unwashing system that facilitate getting to the elderly and the disabled.
  • are quiet and environmentally friendly thanks to electric drive,
  • economical in operation and service - energy costs can be lower by up to 70% in relation to the diesel engine.

We choose batteries and charging systems to the requirements that are posed by our buses:

  • different variants of battery capacity allow you to overcome from 140 to over 400 km,
  • we assemble the charger on the bus, so you do not need to develop charging infrastructure - just a three-phase slot in the wall,
  • we use external chargers if high charging speed is required.
  • the skeleton is made in self-supporting technology from materials with increased strength parameters,
  • we used aluminum and polyester laminates, which allowed us to reduce the mass of the vehicle, and consequently increase its range by more than 10%.

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