City bus 8.6E

The design and small size make the bus in this variant perfect for use in densely built-up areas, housing estates with narrow streets and access lines.

Low-floor along the entire length (without transverse steps). Despite its compact size, it is characterized by a large number of seats, taking up to 65 passengers on board, including up to 23 seated ones. Optionally equipped with batteries with a capacity that allows the mileage of up to 400 km on a single charge.

Description/version Pilea 8.6E city
Length/Height/Width 8.560 mm / 3.150 mm / 2.460 mm
Own load / DMC 10200 kg - 11000 kg / 16700 kg
Passenger compartment:  
Seating + standing 23 + 42 = 65
Place for a trolley 1
Type and power Permanent motor with synchronous magnets (PMSM) with 245kW engine
Capacity and type NMC from 120 up to 300kWh or LTO with 63kWh
Charging system Plug-in: on-board chargers or external chargers, pantograph
Exterior doors:  
Drive Electric or pneumatic
Layout  1-2-0 / 1-2-1
Ramp Hand-folding ramp in second door
Axles and steering system:  
Axles Front - independent ZF, back - portal bridge ZF
Assist Hydraulic with electric drive
Suspension Pneumatic suspension with ECAS, 320 mm input height
Type Pneumatic disc
Control EBS, ABS, ASR, ESC, with recuperation system
Heating and air conditioning:  
Air conditioning Roof air conditioning with electric drive
Heating Hybrid heating: oil and electric with switching options between modes
Frame construction Corrosion-resistant steel structure
Side walls Side aluminum panels
Wheel size 285/70 R19.5
Front and rear All in LED technology


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